Drone Zoopa Q600 MANTIS – Drone con cámara

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<b>Description</b><br><br><b>Enjoy the unforgettable zoopa Q 600 mantis flight experience!</b><br>The integrated 6 axis Gyro 2.0 technology guarantees optimal control of the model at any skill level.The powerful motors are quick to respond to your every command.Manoeuvring the model will tickle your senses while high precision components ensure stability of the model.Nothing stands in the way of sensational aerial photo or video recordings with the FlyCamOne Nano camera system (not included).<br>The stylish zoopa Q 600 mantis design is ideal for user orientation.The orange front propellers elegantly indicate the front side of the model.<br>Flying at night?Not a problem!The front and tail lights allow for easy directional orientation of the model, making flying in the dark an experience you won't forget.<b>información técnica</b><br><br><b>tamaño</b><br>470x470x150mm<br><b>peso</b><br>approx. 290g<br><b>canales</b><br>4 + 3 (Light, Photo-/Video ready)<br><b>emisora</b><br>2.4gHz.<br><b>batería</b><br>1200mAh LiPo 2S<br><br><b>alcance</b><br>Up to 150m<br><br><b> contenido en el kit:</b><br>zoopa Q 600 mantis<br>1200mAh Lipo 2S batería<br>Charger...

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Acme Made zoopa Q600 Mantis - Drones con cámara (Negro, Naranja, Color Blanco, hacia atrás, Adelante, Polímero de Litio), Acme Made

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